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When it came to comparing our five finalist phones, these were the key differentiating factors for privacy and security:. Our first requirement in choosing these phones was that they all had to be available for sale in the United States from a major carrier or manufacturer. Secondly, for a phone to make this list, it had to be encrypted by default to ensure that your data is protected against external access. Another requirement was that the phones all offered granular permission management, which allows you to revoke an app's permission to access certain features like your camera and microphone.

Then, to ensure that your data remains safe even when your phone is lost or stolen, we only selected phones with anti-theft protection. We focused only on phones which include some extra security features besides those which come with the Android operating system — for example, strengthening the hardware or adding a security center. With these features, we know these phones took a more dedicated approach to protect your security, compensating for Android's shortcomings.

Phone Depreciation: How Phone Value Drops

It's also worth noting that some of the phones which made our final cut had sibling devices that could've also been listed here — for example, Apple's iPhone X R and Samsung's Galaxy S9 lineup. We left these devices off the list since the higher-end option was more future-proof. After eliminating the phones which didn't meet our requirements, the finalists were ranked based on how well they scored in the key comparison points above, and with that, the following phones rose to the top.

Thanks to its low price and the numerous BB10 security enhancements which it brought to the Android platform, it was easy to recommend this device for anyone looking to prioritize their security and protect their privacy. With the release of its sequel, our expectations were high that it would replace its predecessor on our list. And while pricing is no longer as strong an advantage as it once was, it is still the best smartphone for privacy and security.

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Each time you boot the device up, the BlackBerry KEY2 takes extra steps to ensure your phone wasn't tampered with. Known as the Hardware Root of Trust , cryptographic keys are injected into the processor to verify the device and to ensure no tampering occurred. These keys are unique to the smartphone and one of the key reasons why the KEY2 will likely remain unrooted.

Remotely Hack and Track Samsung Galaxy Note 9

On each bootup, every layer of the device is checked for any modification or tampering. From the hardware to the operating system, the KEY2 looks for any changes and will not boot up if any layer doesn't pass inspection. Because the Linux kernel is a craved target for smartphone hacking, BlackBerry hardens the kernel during manufacturing.

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  6. BlackBerry signs and verifies each KEY2 leaving the factory to ensure that every phone leaves in the desired state, both its hardware and software. But the hardening process doesn't end after the phone leaves the factory. BlackBerry promises two years of Android monthly security patches which address any new vulnerabilities, including any potential compromises to the kernel.

    And it's not just Google's security commits — BlackBerry adds their own security patches to address any vulnerabilities found that might specifically compromise their device. So far, BlackBerry has lived up to this promise with my device currently running the latest security patch from Android at the time of this writing.

    Embrace the full power of mobile tracking software

    Once again, BlackBerry opted for full-disk encryption instead of Android's newer file-based encryption. While file-based encryption can isolate some files from others, full-disk encryption ensures everything stored on your hard drive from your pictures to the root folder is secured via AES encryption standard. While file-based does have its advantages, full disk encryption can be more secure as it prevents someone from even seeing your notifications without first bypassing the lock screen.

    Not all of the KEY2's security enhancements are under the hood; there are some improvements that you can not only see, but interact with. A great example of this is the Privacy Shade, which obstructs the view of all but a small section of your screen. Especially when using your phone in public, this protects your privacy against those nosey neighbors who can't help but look at your screen. There is also the BlackBerry Locker which protects your files and apps. Access is restricted to a password which is different than the one to unlock the lock screen , although you can use the fingerprint scanner located in the space bar for a more convenient method of authentication.

    You can even send photos directly to the Locker using the space bar instead of the capture button to take a photo. You can also jump straight into your Locker when your phone is locked. You set up Locker to unlock when you use a different fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner, such as a different thumb or another finger altogether. DTEK is the dashboard which allows you to interact with many of the software-based changes implemented by BlackBerry and acts as is the central hub for your KEY2's security.

    DTEK automatically monitors the operating system and apps for any potential risk to your privacy and rates the device's level of integrity using a gauge. If DTEK discovers any privacy risks, it will recommend a course of action which can be performed within the app. The KEY2 introduces a new feature known as BlackBerry Integrity Protection which alerts users of malicious apps performing suspicious behavior such as turning on the microphone in the background. Additionally, users can set up their own triggers for similar unwanted behaviors such as when an app requests use of the camera in the background.

    For a cliff notes version, when it comes to security and privacy, there is no other smartphone we recommend more. BlackBerry builds the KEY2 from the ground up with security in mind, allowing them to be ahead of their competition. Thanks to the security improvements of Android 9. While it lacks some of the built-in privacy apps included by BlackBerry, it makes up for this by always being on the latest version of Android.

    The Titan M is an enterprise-grade security chip which was custom-built for smartphones.

    Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Find Missing / Lost Mobile Phone

    Based on the Titan chip used to protect Google Cloud data center, it is tailored to provide the top tier security for mobile devices. This separation adds to Titan chip ability to avoid tampering as it isn't accessible even if the SoC is compromised. The Titan M chip handles sensitive transactions such as payment with Google Pay. The Titan M also protects against tampering of the bootloader, the firmware in charge of handling interactions between the hardware and the software. Snapchat Instagram Whatsapp Facebook.

    Yes, technology makes it a piece of cake! If the messages are erased from the target phone, they can still be retrieved from your account. Popular Posts. July 19, July 2, Spy on iPhone without iCloud or Jailbreak September 5, How to track a iPhone secretly? July 23, July 9, The option will redirect you to the Samsung account page. Here you can either sign in with your existing Samsung account credentials or create a new Samsung account. The switch will now turn green, which is a sign that the Find My Mobile service is active. Track your device.

    If you lose your Samsung Galaxy device, you can visit the Samsung website and track the location of your device at findmymobile. Method 2. Open the Google Settings app. Open the apps drawer and access the Google Settings app. The Google Settings app has a gear icon similar to the Settings app, but with the Google logo embedded in the center.

    Activate the Android Device Manager options. The first tab under Security would be the Android Device Manager, which has two options under it. If you lose your Samsung Galaxy device or if it gets stolen, you can visit the Android Device Manager website at google. FRP is factory reset protection. It protects the phone from being reset by another person that doesn't own the phone, so they cannot steal it.