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  1. Best parental control apps for your kid’s smartphone
  2. Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad in 12222: Monitor Child’s Activity on Smartphone
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ESET Parental Control for Android sticks to one platform, but it doesn't shine even there, lacking text-message- and call-monitoring features. The free app management and time management do work well, as do the paid location tracking and geofencing. That's because Kaspersky Safe Kids does more at half the price. MMGuardian has nearly every parental-control feature you might want, especially on Android, but the user interfaces are outdated and frustrating.

Both the iOS and Android apps offer location tracking and excellent web filtering. App management is strong on Android but primitive on iOS. On Android, the parent can read every text and block any number. Time management and screen-time scheduling are also Android-only. Read our full MMGuardian review. Evaluation Criteria We focused on apps that emphasize proactively setting up filters and limits before your child uses the phone rather than merely tracking activities after the fact. We took the following criteria into account:.

Best parental control apps for your kid’s smartphone

We tested each app on every platform it supported twice, from installation to testing to uninstall. We typically monitored activity from the MacBook Pro, but if apps offered control from a smartphone app, we tested those features as well. Calls and texts for monitoring purposes were made from a secondary Android device. Android parental-control apps remain more robust than their iOS counterparts in most cases, especially with regard to call and text monitoring. But new additions to iOS have closed the gap somewhat. We will note areas in which there are discrepancies in the functionality offered on each platform, but we are not providing distinct ratings and reviews for the iOS versus the Android version of each app.

FamilyTime (Android and iOS)

Parental-control apps for mobile devices work best when they're part of a comprehensive approach to teaching your kids about behaving responsibly online. For that reason, we avoided testing apps that can run in stealth mode on a child's phone.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad in 12222: Monitor Child’s Activity on Smartphone

There are many products that tout this capability, but some people use such services to spy not on their children, but on their spouses or on other adults, which is illegal in most U. In addition, we did not consider apps that offered the ability to record a child's phone conversations. State laws vary on the legality of recording someone without his or her consent, and no states allow the recording of phone calls without either party's consent.

Norton, Kaspersky and ESET, which has its own parental-control app for Android, also make antivirus software, and many antivirus products have parental controls built in. To see how well those controls stack up against the stand-alone services, please read The Best and Worst Antivirus Software for Parents.

Tom's Guide. Jump To:. Best overall and great for iOS Top pick for Android Great parental control bargain Best multiplatform support Gets kids involved Does one thing very well Leaves room for improvement Full-featured but frustrating. Reasons to Buy Great design. Norton Family Premier Top pick for Android. Reasons to Buy Wide feature set. Reasons to Avoid Clunky parental app. Kaspersky Safe Kids Great parental control bargain. Reasons to Buy Very affordable. Reasons to Avoid Confusing user interface. Qustodio Best multiplatform support. Reasons to Avoid Expensive. OurPact Gets kids involved.

Reasons to Buy Excellent design, navigation. Reasons to Avoid Limited web filters. Screen Time Does one thing very well. Reasons to Buy Intuitive design. Reasons to Avoid Pricey upcharges for location tracking, filters. Reasons to Buy Nice location features. MMGuardian Full-featured but frustrating. Reasons to Buy Wide Android feature set.

The T-Mobile app filters the content your kids can view and only allow usage of age-appropriate websites and apps. It further allows you set time limits for specific apps, platforms, categories, and even the total screen time.

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You can schedule times when the devices should go offline throughout the day, such as homework time or sleep time. Interestingly, if you feel your kid has done well, you can send some extra time on their iOS devices as rewards. Price: Free Download. As your child grows, the app suggests setting to allow your kids more privacy. It even informs your kid about the changed settings, showing them that you have started to trust them.

Most importantly, the app provides end-to-end parenting support with experts guiding you through various child and teen issues such as bullying, adult content, sexting, etc.

What No One Is Telling You About Parental Monitoring Apps

If your parenting style is more relaxed than a helicopter parent, then the SaferKid app is a great choice for you and your kids. Notably, it can track up to 10 devices at a time, so not just your kids this app can keep track of your full family. The app features a real-time cell phone GPS tracker that keeps updating every 20 minutes and keeps you informed about your loved ones. Along with monitoring their location history of up to 3 months, you can also assign an unlimited number of geofences to get alerts accordingly.

Primarily to safeguard the children, the app enables parents to monitor the contact list of their kids. Check out our in-depth review of mSpy iOS app for further details.

Effectively Limit Child Screen Time With Parental Control App

One of the most popular iPhone Parental Monitoring App on our list, all thanks to its award-winning internet filter. The app employs an Age-based filter that can be set at Strict, Moderate, or Mature level. Stepping up, the Mobicip not just allow you to block adult website and inappropriate web content, it also filters and blocks the content according to category.

So, instead of blocking individual sites, you can block a whole category. If your child tries to access any of the sites, you get an alert and could instantly approve or reject the request. Notably, Mobicip disables all browsers and apps like youtube and encourages the kid to use the Mobicip browser. The browser, in turn, incorporates safe browsing for websites and youtube videos. Loaded with features such as location tracking, geofencing, app monitoring, web content filtering, and remote screen time control, FamiSafe enables parents to keep a close eye on their kids.

FamiSafe allows real-time location and geofencing, wherein you can be alerted when your child enters or leaves a specified zone. Further, set daily screen time, monitor the content they have viewed and block any apps if you need to.

One interesting feature of the app is that you can use screen time and app control in combination with geofencing. From its layout to its feature, Qustodio is a simple yet effective parental control app. From its first installation, the app automatically employs a secure VPN technology to monitor websites and blocks inappropriate websites on any browser.

How much does smartphone parental control software cost?

As and when the time is up, the Qustodio app disables all internet and apps access. You can also control more than 50 popular apps used by kids, either view their usage or block them. The free version of the app allows you to monitor one device. However, Qustodio Premium enables multiple-device monitoring. The amount of features in these parental monitoring apps for iPhone and iPad is interesting, comforting, and borderline intrusive at the same time. While as parents, it is your right and duty to protect your child from the ill effects of technology, it is also essential to maintain a balance between monitoring and privacy.

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I hope these apps could help you to strike a balance between the two sides. Reviews Apps. Jignesh Padhiyar. Last Updated: October 11, pm. Sponsored Links. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media.

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